Thursday, February 7, 2013

Determination & Perseverance: Cornerstones #3 and #4

Determination.  Perseverance.  I decided to combine the discussion of these two Cornerstones because they go hand in hand and the differentiation between them might otherwise be misunderstood.  I often think of them as the same myself but they are actually distinct.  You can be determined and not persevere.  Similarly, you can persevere but not be determined.  Think about it a can set a goal or believe in an outcome (process of determination) but then never do anything towards achieving it or give up after trying (lack of perseverance) , or conversely, you can continue heroically through numerous failures (process of perseverance) with no real understanding of the goal you're after or even believing you can achieve the goal to begin with (lack of determination.)

I wrote in a previous post, "doing begins by believing."  Determination is "believing" and Perseverance is "doing."  That's the easiest way I know of keeping the principles straight in my head.  The obvious power of these principles is in their combination.

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