Monday, August 7, 2017

Love Is All You Need

*This selection picks up a similar theme of a previous post, All You Need Is Love. It was originally written for a ghost-writing assignment but was rejected.*

Love Is All You Need

The Rolling Stones sang "you can't always get what you want, you get what you need." So what do you need? That's a good question. Ask yourself, "What do I need?" Chances are, if you're like most, you'd like plenty - those are your Wants. Needs? That's a shorter list. Food, shelter, health. If you're a company, the list might be a quality product, loyal customers, and sales.

The Beatles boiled it down even simpler. Remember? They sang "Love is all you need." Love. That's it. Interesting and true. Love matters. It's the thread running through it all. It binds us together...even substitutes for some of those things on the list sometimes. With Love, almost everything is better and almost everything is possible. Love is encompassing…transforming…inclusive…intangible…mysterious. Love is powerful.

Love can also be elusive. As an individual, you have to be vigilant in returning Love and also have the courage to unleash your own. As a company, it’s no different. Create a product your customers Love. Then nurture that by creating a culture of Love between everyone in the organization. That’s what makes it work long-term. Yes, Love is sometimes hard to find but the good news is it's free and there is an abundance within you. You just have to share it. And then things get beautiful because Love grows Love. Lives get enriched, companies prosper.

Love is all you need. So spread some Love

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